Mr. Fun Day

I had a two of my grand kids over Thanksgiving weekend. Like a true grandparent I allowed them to pretty much have the run of the house and could eat whatever they want.  This weekend was no different.

On Saturday we made candy turkeys, went to dollar store to buy their hearts desire for $3 bucks, and went to the movies too.  Wheee…. quite a schedule.

Late morning we stopped at McDonalds for a burger.  I decided to go through the drive up window because of our busy schedule, and so we (I) could have a little down time before the movie.  I order our burger, fries, and soda…. But the lady said they were still serving breakfast.

I was sure it was way past that time.  We left because we had our hearts set on those crack-fries ;).  But as I was driving away my granddaughter said they serve lunch at 11. I looked down and it was 10:59.  So I drove around the building and was able to order lunch.  A bunch of happy people.  We were saved by the Golden Arches – burger and crack fries in hand.

My grandson who is five said after that little drive-around-the-building trick, “This is Mr. Fun Day”!  I thought about all the times when God gives us just that one extra minute and we forget to say “This is Mr. Fun Day”!

I know how delight I was to hear that from my grandson son.  It pleased me to no end to see his joy.   I can only imagine how delighted God would be…. I can almost see the glean in His eyes, when I would look up to Him, and say “God, this is Mr. Fun Day”.

The bible says he hangs on our every word, so I think He would hang on “Mr. Fun Day” too.  And probably go tell Jesus and the angels of the day he gave me an extra minute and I received so much joy.


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