Baby Boy to Wash Away the Tears



I have a friend whose step-sister just miscarried.  I had him pass on to her that I was praying for them for healing and blessings.  I then got a text back from him saying that he passed on my text and she replied with, “Thanks for your support.  I’m in shock and hurting, but very thankful and lucky to have one healthy little boy to wash away the tears!


At first that I thought she meant Jesus as the little boy, and then realized she was talking about her own child.  So my reply to her was the blessing we all have is the little boy we are preparing for this Christmas season … our Savior, who can wash away all our tears!”


I think at times we rely on our own humanness to help us through grief, trouble, and tears instead of the blessing that we have in Christ to lean on.


Thank you God for the blessing of your Baby Boy who washes away our tears.



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