… and It’s a Wrap – 2020

First I want to thank you for your support this past year. It was a strange and turbulent year with COVID, but most importantly it was a year of slowing down, reflection, and growth for me.

As I look back on 2020 I want to reflect on what went well, what didn’t go so well, and what’s next – my goals are for 2021.

WHAT WENT WELL – It was a year with many blessings

~ Making the decision to retire from the church staff and semi-retiring from the real estate office

~ Slowing down

~ Spending more time learning new techniques in my art, and creating a monthly art session with my daughter and sisters

~ No cancer with the vulvectomy

~ Spending much time with our great grand daughter, Melanie

~ Started writing my memoir

~ Getting a puppy, Clipper, and the fence installed for her

WHAT DIDN’T GO WELL – It was a year with challenges

~ Lots of time in the house without travel I planned

~ I started the year off well with my diet and lost 25 pounds (my goal was 50 pounds). But on the plus side I did keep the 25 pounds off

~ Spending time with family, especially though the holidays

~ Being hospitalized with pneumonia during a pandemic

~ Not able to shop for patio furniture and plants for outside

WHAT’S NEXT – my plans for this year 2021

~ Finish my memoir

~ Loose those other 25 pounds

~ Paint a new piece of art each week. Research and hone my art skills

~ Travel

~ Minimalize my stuff (junk and clothes)

~ Patio furniture and landscaping


What went wrong? What went well? What Next?

Again, thank you for your support, friendship, love and kindness. Many blessings to you in 2021.