Moving From Fear to Faith



Do you ever feel like God is not hearing your prayer? The prophet Habakkuk did. He looked at the injustice around him and wondered why God did not seem to change the situation. “It’s not wrong to ask why as long as you ask not with a clenched fist, but with a searching heart.” You can say the same words and only God knows sometimes whether the heart is searching or clenched.

God is the One who searches our hearts and God is the One who knows.

  • Are we asking with a clenched fist?
  • Are we angry at God?
  • Are we accusing Him?
  • Are we demanding that He do things our way?
  • Or are we asking out of a humble, earnest, honest search for God?

We do know that Habakkuk, regardless of what was his heart in those early questions, through the course of the book comes to…

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